Being able to live life as your authentic self, without letting your doubts and fears get in the way. No longer allowing your struggles with self-worth to be at the forefront and you can finally walk in your God-given calling!

This was my desire a few years ago. I allowed my lack of confidence and self-doubt to be in control of how I showed up in the world. Negative thoughts would consume my mind constantly, and I allowed my challenges to define who I was. My insecurities were in the driver's seat, while I was just along for the ride.

Today, I know what it takes to overcome self-doubt and begin walking in your God-given calling. Now, I am able to share with you how you can too!

This is for you if you're looking to push past your feelings of doubt and anxiety to step into your purpose, or you're second-guessing your God-given calling.

 With this ebook, you will be given the tools you need to address any worries and fears you have surrounding stepping into your purpose.

If you're ready to fearlessly be who God has called you to be, sign up to get your free ebook now!

for at home journal, prayer, and me-time!


Hey sis! I'm Ashley Monique Goode, also known as "Your Self- Love Coach!" I'm a Self-Love Strategist, author, mentor, and empowerment speaker. I specialize in helping millennial women of color build confidence to overcome fear and doubt, so they can step into their God-given calling. Through one-on-one coaching and online programs, I guide women through owning their truth, finding peace in who they are, and finding their true calling.

I've recently leveled up to a new calling that God has placed upon my life. He has called me to use my story to help millennial women of color walk in their purpose. For the past 8 years, I have worked within the fashion industry juggling many hats. After fulfilling my dream of moving to Los Angeles to further my career as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, I realized I wasn't as happy as I thought I'd be. God quickly revealed to me it's time to step out on faith and pivot from career to purpose. 


At this point in my life, I felt defeated by my own dream. I felt that everything that didn't work out meant I failed. I then began to believe this idea was true, and that I didn't deserve my God-given calling. It wasn't long before I realized I couldn't stay down for long and decided it was time to take my life to the next level.


When I decided to step into my calling and combatted my negative thinking and experiences, I was able to reach a whole new level in life. Living as a better me, I am now able to share my story with women like you, on the importance of self-love in the midst of your storm.


Through mentorship, local workshops, events, conferences, and my organization The Ebony Diaries, I have been able to educate and encourage many women and girls around me. This is what I hope to achieve with you!

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Are You Ready to Do the Work?












So you don't know where to start, but you're ready to find your God-given calling and walk in your purpose. Let's chat and see how you can take your life to the next level. Kickstart with a free 30-minute discovery call!

Self-Love from the Inside: 6 Keys to God's Given Love

This guide will help you rediscover self-love through the eyes of God’s love. Whether you are struggling with loving yourself, your relationship with God, or looking for a new perspective on life, these keys will give you the tools to advance your confidence, self-esteem, and connection with God. Get ready to experience self-love the way God intended!

"Very inspirational and so

encouraging for any age."

"Love the book - God knew what I needed with tears in my eyes and love in my heart for real."

"Absolutely amazing!"

If you're looking for weekly encouragement, check out the Grace Over Grind podcast. It was created to remind you that it's okay to have fear and doubts, but always remember to let go and let God. Let God's grace cover you in the grind of life!

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