In order to fully step into your God-given calling, you have to do the work! Maybe you're in a waiting season and you're ready for God to do more in your life, or maybe you're just ready to step into your purpose.


Before you can get there, you have to make sure you're ready for that next season you've been praying for. If you're ready to take a step towards preparing for the next level of your life, join us in the Expand Your Territory in 7 days challenge!

For 7 days you will be challenged to expand your mind, faith, and vision to ultimately get closer to the next season of your life God is calling you to. You will learn:

  • How to build a confident mindset to overpower limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from the next season in your life

  • How to open your mind to set new goals you've never thought you could achieve

  • How to expand your prayer life and have strong faith in God's plan for your life

If you're ready to step in who God is calling you to be, register now! The challenge begins on Monday, December 9, 2019!