3 Strategies to Push You Into Purpose

Updated: Aug 17

Do you feel stuck in your current situation and desire to find your higher purpose? Well, I'm here to tell you it's possible. It's possible to break out of your current situation and step into your purpose, even when it feels far from your reality.

I spent years feeling stuck in my 9-5 because I felt like I "needed" to be there. It was complacency and fear that kept me unfulfilled, unhappy, and depressed. I knew God had a higher purpose for me but didn't know where or how to even get there. What was my purpose? And, what does it even look like?

You may find yourself asking the same questions. You know where you are ain't it and desire more for your life, but what do you do next?

I want to provide you with 3 strategies that helped me break up with unfulfillment and step into a divine purpose only God could provide.

Strategy #1: Prayer

Prayer has been my daily bread! This is my lifeline to talk to the big homie upstairs when I lack clarity and direction. Talk to God about your current circumstance, tell Him what you need, and watch how He responds. God has more for you and wants to see you win, you just have to let him know and He will provide you with a plan to order your steps in the direction of purpose.

Strategy #2: Vision

When I started speaking with God about my purpose, He began to send me downloads of what my purpose is and what it looks like. Vision from God will change the game because now you have insight on what your future could be. Holding on to this vision will allow you to stay focused no matter how challenging your journey gets.

Strategy #3: Plan

God will give you vision, but without a plan, how can you execute it? Planning is how you will make your vision come to life. It's the blueprint you receive from God through prayer as to what steps to take and how to put your purpose into action. A plan will allow you to map out how you will start the business, write the book, or create that new product.

It's time to stop waiting around for someone to save you from your current circumstance and to start taking action. God is waiting for you to show up and begin the journey of purpose. Start talking to God about where you are and where you want to be. You'll be surprised by the things God will show you about your future. Don't wait, the time is now!

If I can be of any assistance in your journey, I offer Purpose Coaching where we will work one-on-one in getting clear on your purpose, receiving vision from God, and creating a plan to get started! Schedule a Discovery Call today!