3 Things to Do While Waiting on God

I am currently in a period of waiting to hear from God. I wanted to share with you a couple of things I've been doing while waiting. Often times when we pray to God, we expect or would like a quick response, when most of the time there's a waiting period before we hear from Him. Whenever you feel stuck and you're waiting for God's help, or you've asked God for direction and you're waiting on His lead, here are three things you can do in the meantime to help you build trust and patience.

1. Journal your heart out. Take time out of your day to sit down and write letters to God. You can write out your feelings, concerns, and any questions you may have for God. This is my favorite thing to do because it allows you to put inner thoughts on paper. As you write, it allows you to also go back through your journal entries and become your own bystander to previous conversations you had with God. You can use them to self-reflect and see how far you've come as motivation.

2. Open your bible and read scripture. Most of the time God speaks to me through scripture. He'll use a bible story or verse to reveal a message. A good way to find a scripture or story to start with is by downloading the Bible App and reading a bible plan. A bible plan is a guided Bible study that takes place over a series of days. You can find a plan that fits what you're currently experiencing. For me, I've been waiting to hear from God about my business and what to do next. So, I am currently reading the 'Holy Hustle' plan that focuses on running a business with God in mind. I challenge you to find a Bible plan that fits your needs. This will allow you to read scripture and daily devotionals to stay connected to God. 3. Stay connected. No matter how distant you may feel from God, how quiet God is, or how lonely you get, always stay connected to God. The moment you break that connection is when you will miss hearing God's voice. Cut out all distractions that may prevent you from losing that connection. In order for me to stay connected, I fast. I cut out things that usually distract me from hearing God's voice, such as television, social media, or any other things that tend to pre-occupy my time. Right now, I'm cutting out social media so I can replace the time I spend scrolling with spending time with God. Release a distraction and replace it with spending time with God. Using a pastime that you enjoy to stay connected to God is great too. With me loving to write and journal, that's what I use to stay connected to God. Connecting to God doesn't have to be boring or wrapped up in scripture, it can be dancing, listening to gospel music to cleanse your spirit, drawing, or even watching sermons or inspirational videos. Do what works for you and what you feel God is calling you to do. Follow His lead. I hope this blesses you and allows you to find clarity in your journey of waiting to hear from God. God is with you and will never leave you. Even sometimes I forget, but I wrote this so we both remember. Stay blessed.

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