Turning 29 & Owning My Inner Wild Woman

Originally written: April 22, 2021

I spent it in peace and relaxation. After much-needed time with my love and God, I’ve awakened to the season of who I am and the woman I’m becoming.

A Wild Woman...At 29, I’m spending the last year of my 20’s full, happy, at peace, and experiencing an abundant life only God can give me.

This year I’m coming for every blessing with my name on it. I’m a wild woman breaking free from every trauma, curse, and insecurity that no longer has me.

I have crazy faith to live life on a higher frequency that hasn’t been experienced before in my bloodline. I’m healing. I’m existing authentically. I’m allowing no one or thing to hold me back from God’s promises.

I’m living in my promise and I’m wild enough to experience its fullness. I’m wild enough to break chains, molds, stereotypes, and assumptions of who I’m supposed to be or could be. I’m wild enough to be free and create a life that was meant just for me.

When you see me doing things that I’ve never done before, know that God carried me because I’m not doing this alone. I’m just wild enough to believe in me and my ability to soar.

You can do the same. Be wild enough to be you without limitations. Be wild enough to experience life differently than expected. Be wild enough to walk fully in your purpose and live for yourself because it’s your birthright.

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