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The Purpose Mindset is a 90-day coaching experience that will help you build a mindset ready for your God-given purpose! You will be guided through addressing fears and doubts about your purpose, building a confident mindset, and positioning yourself for purpose.

Sis, this is for you if you're tired of second-guessing yourself and are ready to own who God has called you to be!


We will work together one-on-one to face your negative mindsets, feelings, and strongholds to ultimately create a plan to push past your fears. The main goal of working with you is to provide you a plan for purpose!


tired of second-guessing yourself & ready to make a change?

what is a purpose mindset?

A Purpose Mindset is a way of thinking that creates confidence and prepares you for your purpose!

With a Purpose Mindset you will:

  • Take on the roots of your doubts and fears to develop self-confidence

  • Change your perspective from "I can't" to "I am" and "I will" 

  • Develop a plan to prepare you to utilize your God-given gifts to impact the lives of others

is this for me?

​This is for you if:

  • You are ready to fearlessly become who God is calling you to be

  • You are ready to push past your thoughts of fear and doubt to fully step into your purpose

  • You want to discover a plan that prepares you for the challenges that may come your way while walking in your purpose

why purpose?

Sis, YOU know that YOU are called for something BIGGER than where you are now. You feel it in your heart that God has so much more for you, and that alone is PURPOSE!

I know you're tired of second-guessing yourself and worrying about if you'll succeed in your purpose. So, now is the time to show up for yourself and invest in your growth!

A purpose-filled life is waiting for you! By investing in yourself, you'll have a new confident mindset, ways to help overcome fear when it arises, and a plan ready to take action on your God-given purpose. 

If this sounds like everything you've been waiting for, I promise it isn't a coincidence. Now's the time to prepare your mind for the life that God has been calling you to and become all that you know you can be!

here's what you'll learn

  • How to deal with underlying issues and insecurities that are causing you to second-guess your potential

  • Exercises and practices to help you address negative feelings and overcome those strongholds that are stopping you from being your best self

  • How to be more confident in who you are, own your God-given gift, and be ready to step into your purpose without fear

still unsure?

  • If you're nervous about doing the work, it's okay. This is your time to grow and show up for yourself.

  • I know you're tired of saying you're going to do the work, so now is the time to show God you're ready for all He has for you.

  • There's no way you can fail in your purpose because God created you just for your purpose on this earth!


i'm rooting for you!

god's got you on this one

It's time to invest in yourself, your growth, and unleash the confidence down inside of you that you've had all along. Are you ready to show the world who God has created you to be? Are you ready to activate the God-given gifts inside of you and rock them confidently? If you answered "yaaaasss" to all of these things, let's get to work!


at the end, you will

  • Have a clear understanding of where God wants to take you in this season of your life

  • Have peace of mind and confidence in doing the internal and external work for your purpose

  • Be equipped to take on negative mindsets, feelings, and doubts that come your way



If you're ready to take your life to the next level and step into who God is calling you to be, now is your chance! Book your first FREE consultation today! Limited spaces are available.




Ashley Goode is a Purpose Coach specializing in helping women like you who are unsure of their destiny, get clarity in their business, and pivot into purpose.



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